For He Has Anointed Me

For He Has Anointed Me

For He Has Anointed Me

Here in Luke 4:18-19 Jesus is quoting from Isaiah. He is acknowledging that this is a prophetic verse about Himself. For Him to declare this about Himself He had to be secure in who He was. He knew He was messiah, king of kings, and more. To go forward He had to be secure in who He was and His relationship with the Father. Because He knew who He was He had no problem receiving His anointing.

This is a truth we must all walk in. If you are not aware of how special you are it will be hard for you to receive from the lord. You’ll think you are unworthy. We must realize that in the eyes of God He see us as a special people. We are chosen by Him before the foundations of the world were framed, we are His masterpiece, a royal priesthood, a new creation, the righteousness of God, and sins and daughters. If your waiting around to get or feel special you’re wasting your time. You will never be any more special than you are because of Jesus. In His eyes you are special. Knowing who you are prepares you to receive from the lord.

Even though Jesus knew who He was He couldn’t move forward until He was Anointed . He said, the Spirit Of The Lord is upon me, this is when the anointing came. He declared it. He said, for He has Anointed me!

1 John 2:27 says after Holy Spirit came on you, you were Anointed and that anointing abides within you. Have you declared, for He has Anointed me!!! Recognize that you His masterpiece has been anointed. Speak it out.

Thirdly Jesus said, He has Anointed me TO! The anointing is for a purpose .God has called you, Anointed you and has a purpose for you. Whatever god has called you to do, Trust The Anointing. People need what’s in you.

Father let the rivers of anointing bubble up and flow.


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